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An Overview

We offer different levels of service in response to your organization's identified needs. While all services are geared towards improving the human relations dimension of organizational performance, the complete 3 phase process requires a partnership between you (your organization) and CERES that is deeply committed to working together towards cultural change.

Phase 1: We begin with an assessment of your work unit, department or organization by reviewing the human relations dimension of performance... internal (employees) and external (clients, vendors, Board of Directors/ Trustees, etc.) customer relations... and analyzing areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Phase 2: We offer recommendations to maximize your strengths and reduce your liabilities. We accomplish this by collaborating with you and your organization's key stakeholders. Together, we develop a plan to remove system and environmental obstacles to human relationship excellence. We reinforce these actions by providing customized instructional programs to help your employees raise their level of performance in personal and interpersonal relationship management.

Phase 3: We provide follow-up to ensure that we have met the goals of our working agreement.

Phase 1: The CERES Assessment          Employee Development programs
Phase 2: The CERES Solutions 
Phase 3: The CERES Follow-up

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